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For each day in December, I have written up a creative prompt about a shard of the Unspoken One.

Dec 10 - 18: Hanukkah
Questions are encouraged. Look to the shard compendium for reference.

Your response can be as weird as you want it to be. Just respect my characters!!!
Respond in whatever way feels most comfortable to you.
Format examples: drawing, comic, poem, prose, foam sculpture with 7-foot-tall wireframe, pencil lead carving, ass tattoo, TI-84 calculator game, Twine, analog signal, shaped pile of mothballs,

1: Selah Shard (2)
His second winter began only about a month ago and he can already barely stand the weather. Might a bath help? (If not a bath, what else might bring him a moment of comfort?)

2: Solfinia Gil (2)
He's home sick from work—an unfortunate consequence of the season. When he wakes up around midday, Amelia has already left, as he expected. Something unexpected takes her place in the apartment.

3: Solfinia Gil (1 or 1.5)
Susanna calls, asking him if he wants to use some vacation days to spend time together. He agrees. It's cold in Central Aria, where he lives, and warm in his native Manzu, where his older family lives. Where do they go? Is it nostalgic, or new?

4: Dilf Gilf
His old car has seen a lot; still, he wouldn’t let it go for anything. What’s something it won’t forget? (The car is a Nissan Bluebird U12, well used.)

5: Any Shard
Illustrate or weave into a narrative a song that fits with a certain shard.

6: Earth Shard (3)
It’s way too cold to be going to parks. Gil is inside, shriveling up, watching fun 80s anime. Sonja is still learning the customs of the best friend she hasn’t seen in years—many of which are the same. What can they learn about each other from being stuck inside together?

7: Space Travel Shard (1st incarnation)
A fellow youth intern at the Iyami space travel program confesses their feelings for him; he reciprocates. They spend the first night of the land harvest together.